Let It Go

Transcend From Angry To Calm Now

Express Inner Healing Program

Private Creatrix® Breakthrough - 16 Weeks

Let It Go


Express Inner Healing Program

Private Creatrix® Breakthrough - 16 Weeks

Miraculously skyrocket your evolution, Naturally SHORTCUT your healing journey, and get UNSTUCK From Your Anger Issues NOW.
(Without Retelling Your Story OR 'Messy' Emotional Processing).

(Results can be fully guaranteed subject to qualification)

Hello Beautiful Woman,

Despite working on yourself for a long time, do you sometimes still experience one or more of the following:

And do these inner struggles affect your ability to love yourself and others in healthy ways?

Well I’m so glad you’re here my love!

I know you’ve likely been on the ‘merry-go-round’ of personal development for a long time!

Like me, you’ve likely read the books, done the courses, and been to counselling. You might have even done 12 Step recovery programs, Inner Child work, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Hypnotherapy, meditation, or Kinesiology etc, and while it all helped, the effects often didn’t last, or you haven’t yet got the EMBODIED results you really wantYou know a lot in your head but you aren’t fully living it.

I know it’s so frustrating, because you’re already done so much work, but trust me, you’re not broken!

It just means you’re still carrying ‘baggage’ that is very deep-rooted and hard for you to see.

But you must ‘let go’ of this baggage so you can fully heal and open your heart and be totally present to your life and in relationships.

And you haven’t been able to do that yet because you probably didn’t know it was possible or know HOW to do it!

But don’t worry, honey.  You’re NOT behind.

It’s simply time to look deeper within than ever before and I can lead the way and make it easier then you think!


This is what’s possible if you invest in 'Transcend From Angry To Calm Now'

What Calm Women Say

This was the fastest, easier, and most fun way to get rid of a lot a ‘s**t’ that’s ever been created.

I am shocked by how quickly I’ve changed for the better, how happy I am now, and how much closer my relationships are. 

I wish I had done this YEARS ago.   And I wish EVERY woman knows how inner freedom feels.

– Said by every woman who has ever worked with me

Powerful transformations from past graduates. 

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After doing so many self-help things before I know you could be rolling your eyes and saying, ‘Oh here we go again’, but trust me this is revolutionary!

FACT: Females are wired completely differently to males, and yet most inner transformation processes were originally created in a man’s mind, and are not aligned with what females need, which is why they don’t work long-term for 4 out of 5 women.

‘Transcend From Angry To Calm Now’ uses a cutting-edge, rapid, inner makeover process (called Creatrix ®) that was designed by a female for females only (those born with full or partial female sexual organs).

This is a profound, ‘natural wakeup call’ self-wisdom-gathering process resolving deep-rooted, chronic female empowerment blocks without you needing to know exactly what your issues even are, while immediately raising your emotional intelligence, intuition, and creativity permanently.

You BECOME a higher version of yourself without needing to ‘learn’ from anyone or anything outside of yourself. 

Once you KNOW something for yourself, from inside yourself, you can’t forget it. That’s what makes the transformation stick for you and last.

Invest in yourself now and save tons of time, lots of money seeking other solutions, and years of unnecessary suffering.

Your happiness is worth it for you AND everyone who loves you!

Through this sacred, spiritual yet scientific-based, feminine process you will empower yourself to finally:

Yes, I Want This!





A Creatrix® breakthrough is results-focused and outcome driven and designed for the way the female unconscious mind works.

It is a cycle-breaking, wisdom-gaining, cutting-edge, emotionally-healing, emotional-intelligence-raising and stress-releasing method all in one.

It goes so deep, it resolves what you don't even know you've been carrying, which is a deep reverberation of 'less than' that ripples throughout the DNA of the female gender from centuries of trauma, suppression and conditioning.

That means you can literally RESET yourself, like wiping your old computer hard drive and updating it with modern software. This saves you decades of time, tons of money, and a lifetime of suffering searching 'out there' when you had the answers within you all along.

Yes, I know it's hard to believe this level of transformation could be achieved so easefully, however the results for 1000's of women who have already given themselves this gift are undeniable.


No longer feeling like a scared, hurt, lonely, angry little girl inside......

Truly loving yourself and being yourself without 'trying' to do it or faking it.......

Being so grounded and openhearted you can respond to anything with love, instead of reacting and keeping your walls up, blocking the connection you really want..........


The video below shows my initial Creatrix® Breakthrough achieved in just 3 sessions.

This took place in May 2016 and my old issues I resolved have never resurfaced to stop me becoming who I am today.


Find the 'Real You' underneath your ‘baggage’

Many women are nervous to find out who they really are underneath their anger and resentment.

They ask, ‘Who would I be without my pain?  It’s all I’ve known.  I am who everyone else expects me to be.  What will I lose if I change?’

Then they realise their ‘baggage’ has kept them safe, it’s also kept them STUCK, UNHAPPY and UNFULFILLED.

Honey, it takes COURAGE to let go of your old identity to make way for a new, unknown reality.

However, I’ve already been through this process and I’m here to hold supportive, unconditional space for you as the ‘Real You’ emerges.

I promise you no woman regrets recovering her true, empowered self!

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TRANSCEND FROM ANGRY TO CALM NOW – A Creatrix® Breakthrough may suit you if:

If you answered yes to these statements then you are ready to transform my love, and this program is for you...





There are 100’s of benefits of investing in my ‘Transcend From Angry To Calm Now’ Express Inner Healing Program using Creatrix®, however women repeatedly report the following top results:

*Feeling like your past is behind you now for good

*Feeling calm, grounded, and present and old, repetitive triggers and sabotaging relating patterns drop away 

*Being able to pause and not REACT, and to respond and speak your truth with an open heart

*No longer being too afraid to drop your defences, be vulnerable, and put yourself ‘out there’ in a bigger way.

*Feeling like you’ve ‘Come Home To Yourself’ in the deepest way and no-one can take your power away again.

*Feeling like you’ve created a MIRACLE healing for yourself

*Being more accepting, loving, and forgiving of others and NOT taking other people’s ‘stuff’ on

*Head chatter dies away and becomes minimal and is positive, not negative.

*Having the confidence to trust your gut and create the next chapter in your life.


*Attract and keep healthy relationships (intimate and friends)

*Restore closeness in struggling or estranged relationships

*Complete relationships with dignity and respect, instead of anger and blame


You can achieve all this WITHOUT needing to:

*Spend more years in therapy

*Retell your story

*Revisit your past or trauma

*Do any messy emotional processing or more meditating

*Needing to know what your ‘issues’ are or where they came from


Your outcomes can be Fully Guaranteed if you meet the basic eligibility criteria.

The only thing you have to lose is your suffering and struggle (and your ego!)

TRANSFORM FROM ANGRY TO CALM NOW is not available in ‘one-off’ sessions.  The work is focused on a clear result and outcome that is reached in a short series of sessions.

There are 3 amazing, life-changing phases to move through in order that will help you finally show up as your real, relaxed and liberated self in life and relationships:



Example indicators you need this include: 

Often feeling not good enough; playing small; feeling anxious and unsafe; pretending to be more confident and happy than you really are.



Example indicators you need this include: 

Often feeling scared, hurt, grief, anger, shame or guilt and/or not being able to forgive, let go and move on from the past.



Example indicators you need this include: 

Feeling defensive, guarded, often flying off the handle OR shutting down and not being able to say or do anything OR people pleasing, walking on eggshells OR running away, hiding and isolating yourself.


  1. Take a few minutes to APPLY FOR A FREE DISCOVERY CALL HERE 
  2. If you are suitable I may invite you to a 30 Minute Discovery Call.
  3. If this program is right for you I will invite you to a PAID 75 Minute Deeper Assessment
  4. The program involves 3 phases. Each phase requires approximately 3-4 x 2hr Zoom calls to complete over 2-4 weeks each, with 2-6 weeks breaks in between.  The full process takes 4 months. You will need to intently focus during the sessions and there will be homework tasks between sessions.



That’s the most amazing thing about Creatrix® – you don’t need to know exactly what your problem is or figure out how to fix yourself!

This is especially helpful for women who feel stuck in their head and can’t recall many childhood memories; struggle to identify or articulate their issues; or find it hard to ‘feel’.

You just need to admit to yourself and me that you don’t like the way you think, feel and behave at times and RESOLVE to change that now.   

Doing the Creatrix® method will help you get the highest wisdom you need to make changes more naturally.

Healing does NOT have to be hard work!   It’s allowed to be easeful.

Again, that’s totally normal. However, what makes Creatrix® unique is that you don’t feel or tell your sad story anymore.

In fact, if you’re emotional while doing the process, you will be sabotaging yourself!

I know it sounds crazy, and the opposite of the advice of ‘feel your feelings’ but, in this instance, it’s necessary to stop talking about yourself and your problems for a while!    

You must be willing to release your attachment to your issues and the story and identity you’ve created around them BEFORE you can begin this process.

It’s my job to help you ‘forget about you’ and just have fun and transform naturally.

I know it’s hard to get your head around at first, however, after the first session it will all make perfect sense, I promise.  

Most women worry it won’t work for them because they have already tried a lot of things that haven’t lasted, and they’ve blamed themselves for failing.

To ensure your success it’s important you’re not:

*Currently in a toxic, abusive relationship

*Currently have an active drug or alcohol problem

*Currently experiencing extreme financial instability or stress


*Currently recovering from a very recent loss or tragedy (give yourself a few weeks or months to naturally grieve and then reach out when you’re ready to move forward).

I promise if you’re willing to 100% OWN YOUR S**T and fully commit to change (even if you feel scared) you WILL get results beyond your wildest dreams!

And, just to ease your mind, there may even be a 100% Guarantee (subject to qualification) available, though you must do the work and commit to working exclusively with me and no other healer / therapist / coach at the same time to uphold your end of the bargain.

Your breakthrough is our goal and TOGETHER we make it happen!

This process does not turn you into a robot.  You will feel real, not numb.

Life is life and shit happens, but your ability to roll with the punches will 10x and you will know in every cell of your being that you are OK and will be OK no matter what.

You will have a sense that your past is now behind you and your reactions to trigger events that we identify in your assessment will be completely different.

You will be present and able to feel the full spectrum of human emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them anymore, which means you can hear the guidance they have for you instead of running from yourself.

This process does not change your personality or ego and you might realise there are things about the way you show up that you want to change (especially in relationships).  It’s up to your free will to learn missing skills eg: setting healthy boundaries and communication skills.

And, if you want to do something completely new, like start a business, you will need to invest in those new skills too and be prepared to feel uncomfortable as you step outside your comfort zone (as that’s normal).

This is a private, one-to-one program with me delivered via Zoom sessions online.

It might sound complex but Creatrix® is a simple closed-eye process (not hypnotherapy) that takes you on a playful journey for you to gain deep inner wisdom from within yourself to resolve female empowerment blocks that affect just about every woman on the planet.

Yes, suffering is universal and we are all connected.  When you get your own ‘AHA’s’ about these topics you literally RESET YOURSELF like upgrading the software on your computer. You then simply won’t be able to see the ‘problems’ you used to have as ‘problems’ anymore and you will respond very differently to specific triggers you identified in your assessment.

However, this is a breakthrough process and NOT A MAGICAL CURE for your life.

To support your positive inner changes, you must be ready to take inspired action after your makeover to change what’s not serving you in your life (otherwise you will just create new pain).

For example, that might mean setting new boundaries, letting go of old paths and people who are not aligned, creating positive new habits, and improving your self-care and stress management.

Upgrading your habits and patterns is a challenging, longer-term process that requires effort and going outside your comfort zone, but is made much easier when you’re not unknowingly and unnecessarily carrying around baggage, have a wise, positive perspective, and ability to stay grounded, trust your gut, and make good decisions for yourself.    I also offer supporting puzzle pieces to help you make the practical changes you know you need to.

Yes, I agree it does sound too good to be true, and, at first glance women often think this is BS.  But that does not mean it IS too good to be true.

Anything that’s new, different and ‘outside the box’ often challenges us and, as a general rule, we human beings don’t like to change our mind.

This work is definitely not for everybody and that is why there is an eligibility and assessment process to go through first so you don’t waste your time.

Also, I invite you to take notice of how you feel about what you’ve read and heard.

*If you’re feeling judgmental, angry and defensive this is a great moment to listen more closely to possibly hear some deeper fears underneath.  Those fears might be exactly what you need to admit to, embrace and resolve in order to grow.

*If you’re feeling drawn to this work, despite feeling nervous and unsure, I encourage you to do your own research.  You can Google ‘Creatrix®’ and visit my training institute the ‘Uninstitute Of Women’™ to read case studies and media articles: https://uninstituteofwomen.com/

Then if your guts says YES, then take a simple first step by completing the online Pre-Assessment Application HERE.   

*And, if you read this and get no reaction at all then it’s likely this work is not meant for you, or at least not at this time. However, maybe you know a woman who might need this? If so, please let her know about it as you could be the catalyst that helps change her life for the better.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The focus of this work is mental and emotional healing ONLY.

There is no expectation or guarantee that this deeper work will change or improve any PHYSICAL health issue or disease.

Creatrix® is designed for everyday women with everyday problems.  It is not intended as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of severe mental health disorders.

Choosing to do Creatrix® positively impacts not just you but every woman around you.

The innovator of Creatrix ®, Marilyn ‘Maz’ Schirmer, and her ever growing global team of Creatrix® Transformologists®, like myself, have a shared mission to ‘Set 10 Million Women’s Heart’s Free’.

We know Creatrix® is the future for female psychology and will one day be a household name.  And we know that every woman who RESETS herself raises her vibration and sends a ripple effect of healing to everyone around her.  She shows by embodied example there is a different way of BEING than most women are used to or know is even possible.

If you resonate with our mission then please put any fears (especially of being powerful) aside, and reach out to become one of the women who lead this heart-healing revolution to break the cycle of generational female disempowerment!

Take STEP ONE ‘Evaluate and Determine Eligibility’ by completing the online Pre-Assessment Application Form HERE

I so look forward to meeting you soon.

You CAN transform and it’s YOUR time to blossom and shine!


Nat x

Return To Wholeness – The Essential Feminine Reset (Using Creatrix®) is an investment in your wellbeing for the rest of your life and requires a deadly serious commitment from you. A half-hearted, tyre-kicking attitude is not aligned with this sacred work.

You are the only one with the power to drop your defences, surrender, and let someone else help you to set YOURSELF free from chronic, stuck issues.  Your success is up to YOU and depends entirely on how committed you are to becoming the highest, most loving version of yourself in this lifetime.

The cost of a complete 3 phase ‘Essential Feminine Reset’ usually begins around a mid-range 4-figure investment that is a stretch but affordable for most women (and payment plans are available). 

I offer a sliding scale of fees and your price will be individualised to you and your circumstances and the complexity of your specific issues.   


Most women on the healing journey have already spent tens, if not 100’s of thousands of dollars trying to ‘fix’ themselves, or medicated their inner pain in the short-term by taking holidays, shopping, decorating/renovating, or over-giving financially to family, friends, and pets.

What makes ‘The Essential Feminine Reset’ (Using Creatrix®) stand apart is your lasting results can be Guaranteed (subject to qualification). This is practically unheard of in the personal development world!

And women who’ve done this invariably say the results were WAY BEYOND what they expected and they would have spent at least 5 times more if they knew how much better they were going to feel!

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