Group Program


Embody healthy boundaries so you can stop creating resentment, bitterness and drama, live true to yourself, and create authentic relationships.

Group Program

how to become a boundary queen

Embody healthy boundaries so you can stop creating resentment, drama and exhaustion, live true to yourself, and create authentic relationships.

A 90 Day online, intimate group course to learn how to graciously stand in your power and speak your truth even if you still feel selfish about putting yourself first.



Hello Beautiful,

Been working on yourself for years but boundaries are still a confusing mystery at times (and it’s embarrassing to admit it)?

It’s hard to know what to say and how to say it?

If so, it’s likely you’ve experienced at least one of these situations lately:

Don’t worry honey, you’re not alone!

The fact is that boundaries are a SKILL-SET that we should have been taught in school or had role modelled to us by empowered women in our lives, but most of us missed out on that.

And, most importantly, if you experienced dysfunctional family relationships then your boundaries were likely violated, and your sense of self and your natural power were damaged.

Without healthy boundaries you will unconsciously be creating resentment, bitterness and drama and, let’s face it, that’s not SEXY!

Thankfully all this can be healed now by deciding to reclaim your power to become a gracious Boundary Queen!


What Other Boundary Queens Say

What Other Boundary Queens Say

“I was feeling really lost after nursing my elderly mother in 2021. When she was gone I realised how exhausted I was, and how much I’d lived my life for everyone else. It was time for me to find myself again, and I sensed that learning boundaries was an important part of my healing and I was right! I have now stepped out of all family dramas, and I’m putting my happiness first. It does feel scary at times, but is also incredibly liberating! My marriage has improved too, as I’m no longer expecting my husband to make me happy. It’s up to me to create my future and I now feel I have the freedom to choose what I want, when I want it. I highly recommend this course to any woman who wants to take back control of their life with grace and ease.”


Wife, Mother, Grandmother 50’s

“Nat’s Boundary Queen course helped my marriage stay together more than years of couple’s counselling ever did! I wish I had learnt about boundaries years ago!”


Mother, Wife

“After years of therapy, I really thought I knew about boundaries, and begrudgingly tried to set them, but must admit now I really didn’t have a clue! My relationship with myself, my husband, and kids began improving right from Week One of the course and I now love and deeply appreciate the importance of boundaries!”


Mother, Wife

“I had been locked in a power struggle in my marriage for more than 30 years. I didn’t know how to stand up or speak up for myself in a loving way and was so frustrated. I didn’t really understand what ‘boundaries’ meant but I knew I was missing an important relationship skill. Now I’m more aware of what I need and want, can say ‘No’ in a respectful way and choose to do what’s right for me without guilt. I trust myself, like myself and am closer to all my family, particularly my husband.”


Business Woman, Wife, Mother





The trick to communicating effective boundaries is to speak from an open heart and to stand in your power graciously, instead of flipping bitterly between being a doormat or being defensive.

That is something that no textbook about boundaries can teach you how to do and is what makes this course unique.

In addition to receiving in-depth, yet simple explanations of boundaries, you will learn profound feminine embodiment practices that will help you take the knowledge in your head and turn it into embodied wisdom that honors you and everyone else around you.


Most people think boundaries are about protecting yourself from others but that is a narrow view of boundaries. In this course we look at the big-picture view of boundaries and reflect on the importance of setting boundaries with yourself and learning how you are crossing other people’s boundaries and don’t even know it! Once you see this then you can start to end drama in your life immediately.


I know first-hand the suffering of not being in my power as a woman, and the joy of now being free.

I have a gift for:

- Quickly spotting your blindspots, and, with your permission, pointing them out lovingly, so you can become aware, and change them right away (no more wandering around in the dark trying to figure this stuff out in your head!).

- Holding a safe, unconditional, intimate space, so you can be honest and vulnerable and practice healthy giving and receiving with other women.

- Explaining complex ideas in simple terms and offering step by step, practical guidance to solve your current, real-life boundary dilemmas, so you can experience wins right away and build your confidence.


By harnessing the magical power of a group of women, you’ll realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE; will change 10x more then you ever could by working on yourself BY yourself; and make life-long connections with like-minded Boundary Queens.


You get time and space to take what you’ve learnt and put it into practice, always supported by my expert feedback and guidance, and encouragement from your fellow students, so you can keep improving your boundary skills and feel proud of yourself!


Being hard on yourself is a boundary issue in itself! This course will encourage you to be gentle and patient with yourself and others and lighten up!


Your Guide

Honey, I’ve created this course for you after years of mastering my own personal boundaries in life and relationships and passing on my practical wisdom to friends and clients. 

I’ve now earnt the nickname of ‘Nat – The Queen of the Boundary Queens’ but it wasn’t always that way!

When I was younger, despite having a university education, a career in mental health, and dedication to personal development, my life felt out of control. I lost myself in a series of codependent relationships with alcoholics, I had no real friends and a strained connection with my family.

I was such a martyr, always trying to control everything, fix and save people, and do whatever I could to get their approval. Saying ‘No’ felt impossible and I hid behind a ‘mask’ of being ‘The Good Girl’ so no-one knew who I really was or how unhappy I was.

I also unknowingly created drama in my relationships until one day a wise mentor had told me, ‘Nat, you need boundaries in your life’!

I was shocked! I had never heard the term ‘boundaries’ before and was embarrassed to realise I had no clue about how to take care of myself or be in a healthy relationship.

In the beginning it felt hard to honestly speak up and stand up for myself, but I just kept practicing until boundaries felt natural. I now love and respect myself, have intimate, loving relationships with all my family members and friends, and live life on my terms with no apologies or regrets.

I’d love to help you become a Boundary Queen too!


Life will never be the same once you become a Boundary Queen!

What you will learn:

How life will change:

Who you will become:

These are the steps you will take to become a Boundary Queen!


Boundary Queen 101

Knowledge - Understand the big-picture about what codependency and personal boundaries really mean, and assess your boundaries now, so you know what needs to change moving forward.

Embodiment - Reconnect with your feminine power so you can access the inner strength, confidence, and courage you need to set and hold boundaries.


Reclaim Your Power to Master Boundaries

Knowledge – Reveal your past blocks to setting boundaries so you can be aware and make new choices to honor and take care of yourself.

Embodiment – Embrace your emotions so you no longer give them power over you and stop you from making positive changes.


Transform From 'Drama Queen' To 'Boundary Queen'

Knowledge – Understand your previous role in relationship drama so you can own your part, choose to respond differently, and create more peace, respect, and joy in your relationships.

Embodiment – Feel centered and grounded before you communicate a boundary so you can speak your truth powerfully and graciously.


Communicate Like a Boundary Queen

Knowledge – Know when and how to set a positive, powerful boundary so you can feel confident to take wise action.

Embodiment – Match your body language with your words so you can communicate a congruent message that is more likely to be heard and respected by other people.


Be A Boundary Queen

Knowledge – Best prepare to set a boundary so you can feel confident & courageous and improve your chances of holding your boundary in place when other people don't agree or understand.

Embodiment – Take action to set a boundary so you can turn your knowledge into wisdom.


Boundary Queen Mastery

Knowledge – Discover a revolutionary way to dissolve your old triggers and 'relationship issues' for good so you can naturally feel grounded, peaceful, and powerful, and change your unhelpful patterns of relating easily and effortlessly.

Embodiment – Reassess your boundary knowledge, spend 6 weeks practicing setting boundaries while receiving personal feedback and support, so you become a confident Boundary Queen.

What Other Boundary Queens Say

What Other Boundary Queens Say

“I knew I was a doormat, especially in my marriage, but didn’t know how to change. While I was terrified of growing and changing, deep inside I knew I needed to end my relationship. However, I wanted the separation to be amicable as we share a young daughter together.

This course helped me feel like a grown woman for the first time (instead of a little girl), and I bravely left with dignity and respect for myself and my ex. Without healthy boundaries I know I would have created lots of pain and drama and I’m proud I’m able to be a good role-model for my daughter.”


Business Woman, Separted, Mother

“Becoming a Boundary Queen has been the most transformational step in my life! I’m shocked and amazed at how much I’ve learnt about myself and changed for the better in a short amount of time. I feel confident now I can create a healthy new relationship after a decade of being single.”


Single Mum

I am someone who tends to do healing sessions on myself when I’m out of alignment and this course taught me so much about myself. I learnt I wasn’t taking responsibility or understanding why I had got into a pattern of sometimes speaking to my husband in a critical way or turning into the rescuer trying to resolve all his issues.

Now I’m able to take a step back and know he is as capable of walking his own path as I walk mine. Knowing I’m not responsible for his health and wellbeing makes me feel so much lighter and free. Now I know if anyone else’s behaviour causes me to react then I need to take responsibility for my reaction, process how I feel, and choose to respond from love not blame.


Mother, Wife

“I felt stuck and caught in a trap of working from home and staying busy to fill the void. What I really wanted was someone special to share my life with, but couldn’t understand why I kept meeting men who were life my ex (and not in a good way). Nat helped me see that, while I prided myself on being ‘strong and independent’ my boundaries were TOO strong, and I had ‘walls up’ around my heart that pushed men away. Feeling sorry for myself didn’t help either, so I adjusted my attitude, and softened into my feminine energy, and, to my delight and surprise, a lovely man who ticked all my boxes sauntered into my life before the course ended! I’m forever grateful for deciding to become a Boundary Queen!”


Business Woman, Single, 50’s


  • Access to the internet, Zoom and Facebook
  • A device to watch online videos and audios
  • A journal and pen
  • A printer

This 90-day online course includes 5 x online group coaching calls, weekly self-study lessons, private 1:1 coaching, and an intimate, private pop-up Facebook group just for you and your fellow students.

This is an emotionally intensive course and it’s recommended you do not do any other training at the same time (especially for the first 6 weeks).

Online Self-Study

In the first four weeks you will likely need to put aside approx. 2.5-3.5 hrs a week to complete the training module. In weeks 5 & 6 you will need approx. 1.5 – 2 hrs.

Five Group Coaching Calls

You are supported by 5 x 2hr live group coaching calls (generally fortnightly) held in Australian Time Zone to learn and grow together.

You’ll also benefit from 2 hours of private coaching with me during the course to resolve your biggest boundary challenges and give you practical tips to improve your boundaries.

NOTE: Arrange the required free chat with me for dates/times of the next upcoming course group sessions – BOOK HERE

Private Facebook Group

Throughout the course you will be able to connect, share, ask questions and give and receive support with your fellow students and myself in between our group coaching sessions.

You’re usually:

  • Single, and not happy about it, but you’re hiding because you’re scared you will repeat your mistake of ‘losing yourself’ in the past.
  • In a relationship but you’re not happy, feel like you’re in a rut, and maybe even wonder if you’re with the right person.
  • Feeling used or unappreciated by friends, family, colleagues, or clients and are tempted to run away from your life sometimes!

This course may suit you if you are:

  • Aware of your people-pleasing or co-dependent patterns, dedicated to your personal growth, and willing to take full responsibility for yourself and your choices.
  • Committed to focus and invest time & emotional energy to complete the training and participate fully (I suggest you don’t take on other courses at the same time).
  • Prepared to make positive changes in your life and relationships even though it feels scary.
  • Willing to look deep within yourself, be honest and humble and focus on the only person you can change – YOU.
  • Wanting to receive expert feedback from me, and to give and receive encouragement to other students.
  • Comfortable with swearing (the training was pre-recorded live, and I do swear quite a bit).

This course won’t suit you right now if you are:

  • Currently living in an unsafe, abusive, or highly stressful relationship/environment
  • Dealing with active drug or alcohol addiction
  • Not ready to leave drama or blame behind.
  • Looking for a magic pill, ‘one size fits all’ easy solution or quick fix formula to setting boundaries and transforming relationships.
  • Not able to invest the time or money to commit to the course requirements without causing stress.

There is no refund available. This course is not for everybody. Please read this page carefully before deciding to book your free pre-enrolment chat with me. The purpose of the chat is for us both to determine if this course is right for you right now.

Places are limited so it’s important you are fully committed to doing the work and participating in the group. How much your life changes will be reflective of how much work you put into it.

NOTE:  This course focuses on the topic of personal boundaries only. Due to the short length of the course it does not cover the complex boundary issues involved in raising children or navigating toxic relationships, however it is an important foundational step in taking your power back in every area of your life.

DISCLAIMER:  The nature of this course is general information only.  Natalie Murray’s services do not replace therapeutic care or relationship/medical advice.  Natalie Murray is not responsible for decisions or actions made by clients, or for any loss or opportunity missed because of the provision of this course.

You will have lifetime access to this course.  ‘Lifetime access’ means while the course is operated and made available by Natalie Murray.


Your Investment

FULL UPFRONT (save $200)

Total $1990 AUD (approx. $1285 USD)


6 x $365 AUD per month (approx. 6 x $235 USD per month)

TOTAL FOR PAYMENT PLAN IS $2190 AUD (approx. $1405 USD)


Learn How To Become A Real, Relaxed, and Liberated Woman
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